Worlize shutting down??


So Worlize is shutting down, we have had so many great memories on there 😩

Like the times on the beach


The Pixie Prom

faith trust pixiedust prom

The Fourth of July Party

4th of july picture

National Pi day

national pi day

There is so many other memories we have had that i don’t have pictures for… I’m so sad Worlize is coming to an end because I may not see many of you guys ever again, which is sad. Through the good times and the bad times, these have been the best years of my life because you guys have been there for me. Ill miss you so much, and ill never forget you or the times we have had.

We love Worlize Pixie Hollow so much!!!

And we will miss it so much 😩

Friends from pixie hollow heart

I wont say goodbye, because goodbye is usually permanent….

So lets just say see you later….



Sorry Fairy Friends,

Hello there,

I’m so sorry for not posting anything lately,

I know there has been some rumors saying that i have been avoiding you, or i got hacked,

but those rumors are not true

i’ve just been really busy with school.

This doesn’t mean that i quit worlize either,

Every week i will try to go on Worlize Sundays at 7pm central time till 8pm.

I’ll try to post more on my blog too,

i’m not making any promises, so don’t get your hopes up  😩

Hopefully ill be able to go on more often.


-BTW on on Sunday Nov. 1, I will not be able to go online, because i have something going on that day.

Copyright law is about to change


Copyright law is about to change 

For more than a year Congress has been holding hearings for the drafting of a brand new US Copyright Act. At its heart is the return of Orphan Works

What does this mean for artists? it means it will make it easier for infringers to steal artists works and harder for people who are making or trying to make a living out of art more difficult. This will effect every artist and all the artwork they have created, are creating, and will be created. Corporates, Big businesses, and publishers want this to pass to make money out off artists works without paying us artists for past, current, and future artwork.

Basic Facts About The Law Being Proposed

– “The Next Great Copyright Act” would replace all existing copyright law.
– It would void our Constitutional right to the exclusive control of our work.
– It would “privilege” the public’s right to use our work.
– It would “pressure” you to register your work with commercial registries.
– It would “orphan” unregistered work.
– It would make orphaned work available for commercial infringement by “good faith” infringers.
– It would allow others to alter your work and copyright these “derivative works” in their own names.
– It would affect all visual art: drawings, paintings, sketches, photos, etc.; past, present and future; published and unpublished; domestic and foreign.

** Ways to stop this or preventing these changes from happening**

 > > > > > > >  DEADLINE IS NEXT THURSDAY: JULY 23, 2015 < < < < < < 

– share, reblog this post, spread it for other artists to take notice and action.

 – You can submit a letter on how this law can be an issue for you as an artist here.

 – Non-U.S. artists can email their letters to the attention of:

Catherine Rowland
Senior Advisor to the Register of Copyrights
U.S. Copyright Office

More About the Issue

Example Letters

Articles about this – 1, 2, 3, 4

“Right now nobody has to understand copyright law because you’re protected by it, but under the law they are proposing, copyright law wont protect you anymore.” -Brad Holland

I got this information from:


The 4th of July Worlize Party

Hey there Pixie Pals!

Last night the 4th of July party was so much fun!

All of my fairy friends helped make the rooms.

4th of july picture

Then, we chose a 4th of July prom queen!

july queen

I was excited when my friend Julietulipblossom won!

The party was more fun than i thought it would be 😀

I hope you can make it to one of the nights!


ThunderBolts Worlize Cheerleaders

Hey there Fairy Friends!

At the role playing college Storm University on worlize,

there is a cheer leading squad called the ThunderBolts.

We all wear cheer avatars and try to make pyramids.


Some of the pyramids we made were pretty cool.

cheer move

I hope you can join us on worlize!


The 4th of July Party

Hey There Flittering Fairies!

Your invited to the annual 4th of July party on worlize!

To go to the party go to https://www.worlize.com/july

This party will start on the 5th of July and end on the 9th!

It starts at 7PM (central time) and ends at around 9PM or 10PM (central time)

Here is a time converter so you can figure out what time it would start for you


I hope you can make it!


Faith Trust and PixieDust

Hi there Fairy Friends!

I know some of you have forgotten most of your memories of pixie hollow, and are “over it”,

But you don’t have to move on. Even though pixie hollow wont come back you

can still come online to the worlize pixie hollow.


Its not exactly like it, but you still can have fun with people like you did on the original pixie hollow.

faith trust pixiedust prom

Thanks for reading 😀


Pixie Sleepover

Hey there Pretty Pixies!

After the Pixie Prom, Me and my fairy friends decided to have a sleepover!


We got to chill and relax! We called it “Chillaxing”

All of you should join the pixiehollow worlize

because even though pixiehollow wont come back,

worlize brigs back so many fairy memories!


The Pixie Prom Review

Hey there Flitterific Fairies!

Today i’m reviewing the Pixie Prom!

I went to the Prom yesterday, and we all started off in the Pixie Prom Limo, It was very exciting.


We all customized our fairies to wear prom dresses!


Then, we went to the Dance Floor and had a dance off!

Dance PArty

Last we went to the Ballroom and Picked a Prom Queen and Princess!

It was very exciting when i won Prom Queen!

I hope you can make it to the next day of the Pixie Prom!




Hey there Fairy Friends!

Me and a couple of my friends took apart a fairy body and then re-made it!


The Rad Hat^


The Stinky-Face^


The human centipede^

Thanks for reading :3