The 4th of July Worlize Party

Hey there Pixie Pals!

Last night the 4th of July party was so much fun!

All of my fairy friends helped make the rooms.

4th of july picture

Then, we chose a 4th of July prom queen!

july queen

I was excited when my friend Julietulipblossom won!

The party was more fun than i thought it would be 😀

I hope you can make it to one of the nights!



3 thoughts on “The 4th of July Worlize Party

  1. and that was the last ever day I saw u….. where r u?
    im getting ready to truly leave worlize 4ever cause
    you are the only one keeping me there….ive made
    videos about this, ive commented on deviant and
    youtube channels to u, and now this…this is the
    last straw. srry but if I don’t get a reply soon, im gone 😦
    I don’t wanna leave, but without you, EVERYTHING
    IS DIFFERENT SEA!!! im literally making an ava
    of u in a mirror and I staring sadly. I don’t want this!
    I feel as if its my fault, its been 4 FRICKIN MONTHS!
    YOU!!!!!!!!! love, your bffffff, Julie .T. 😦


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